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Are You An RX Athlete?

So you’ve learned the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit this gives you the basics of all lifts. Next goal? LET’S DO RX! Good, I like your thinking – CONSTANT progression. Now how to act on your goal. Ask yourself these questions:   Do I have the correct MECHANICS for the movement? (Master your technique) Are […]

Six Reasons Why Women Should Do CrossFit

I’m sure you’ve heard of CrossFit before, but in case you haven’t – it’s a high intensity workout that incorporates different elements of sport and types of exercise, and this workout is perfect for everyone who wants to get fitter, which includes you, ladies! Whether you’re an athlete or a beginner, you should definitely give […]

Training Versus Exercising

By Coach Tom   Round(s) for time. AMRAP. 21-15-9. EMOM. Chipper. RX’d or scaled.   Most of you, if not, all would be familiar with them, but to outsiders these might come across as meaningless jargons. But mind you, even if you have become familiar with those jargons, you might wonder how do they relate […]

Olympic Lifting – Tips

Dear 6221 members, As you know for the rest of May, we will be working a lot on the olympic lift. The goals of the program is to help our athletes improve the execution as well as to get them become more comfortable with the movements. If you are still new to or just learning […]

Surviving CrossFit as A Plus Size

Anjali joined our box about 6 weeks ago… Her husband was already a regular member… But she had her reservations in joining “hard core” CrossFit. 6 weeks in, she’s now more confident, feels stronger and loves feeling that she can push her self to achieve something she couldn’t 2 weeks ago. Congratulations Anjali on the […]

CrossFit 6221 conquers Tough Mudder Bali 2016

Coach Ross Jaax and some members of CrossFit 6221 braved Tough Mudder 2016 in Bali. Below he shares his thoughts on how CrossFit prepared him and the team for the event, and how important team spirit was.   CrossFit 6221 are Tough Mudders Too! CrossFit training strives to improve your general fitness. A high level […]

What fuels the mule?

By Sam Grudgings   Nutrition is or should be a big part of your lifestyle. When you exercise, work and move you require energy. You get this energy from consuming food and drink… Duuuhhhhh! But what..? and when? and how… and where??!!! The big cheese, Coach Greg Glassman described healthy eating in 100 words: “Eat […]

I Want To Get Fit

By: Sam Grudgings I hear people mumbling this everyday. It requires action, energy, movement and consistency. It’s a hard thing to say to the right person. But if you mean what you say then let’s get started. These are the things to start thinking about: Time Goals Motivation Nutrition   Advice/Help So let’s break these […]

Functional Fitness and CrossFit

Article By Coach K   Functional fitness (using functional movements) is among the most widely spread buzzwords in the gym industry today, but for logical reason. Functional fitness focuses on body training and preparing your body to handle real life scenarios. The difference between ordinary gym and functional fitness seems minor to many people but it’s […]

The Health Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training like CrossFit

Article by: Thomas Oentoro   High intensity interval training or more commonly termed as HIIT has become increasingly popular in recent times. This kind of training is based on repeated sessions of high intensity effort followed by recovery times. CrossFit, as one of the proponent for high intensity training and the world’s fastest growing name […]