So you’ve learned the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit this gives you the basics of all lifts. Next goal?


Good, I like your thinking – CONSTANT progression. Now how to act on your goal.

Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do I have the correct MECHANICS for the movement? (Master your technique)
  • Are all my reps CONSISTENT? (Does your 1st rep look like your 100th?)
  • Now increase the weight/reps of the movement for INTENSITY. (As long as 1&2 are locked down)


RX is the recommended scale we give for all WODs (workout of the day). For example;

21-15-9 repetitions

Barbell thrusters 45kg/30kg

Pull ups

Time cap: 7 minutes

The RX weight is 45kg for men and 30kg for women. Pull ups should be completed without assistance – preferably with a gymnastic kip. You need to perform both of these movements with the stated rep scheme within 7 MINUTES or RX is not achieved – no biggie if you can’t, we can SCALE!

Scaling is CROSSFIT! Without scaling CrossFit would just be for the meatheads who are constantly injured (everyone knows one)



  • Cannot perform RX weight for more than 10 reps unbroken? Scale the weight down.
  • Cannot hold the bar in a comfortable front rack position? Scale to Dumbbell!
  • RX weight too easy for you beast? Time to scale up! Go 50kg

Pull ups:

  • Strict, gymnastic kip, butterfly kip are all RX.
  • Cannot perform the above? Let’s try a band off of the rig but please keep your banded pull ups STRICT – kipping with a band is erratic and wasting your time!
  • Ring rows are an awesome scale. But if you want to target your lats more like a real pull up here’s how; Elevate the rings, pull your hips underneath your shoulders now pull – Ring pull ups with heels on the floor.

Repetitions will be kept the same as will the time cap so you’re working at the same intensity as everyone else in your class!

Always scale for the required time frame

Some WODs will not have it – but most have a TIME CAP for a reason. For example:

15 minute time cap

3 rounds

10 burpee box jumps

3 lap run

20 DB snatches 22.5/15

If the DUMBBELL SNATCHES take more than 3 minutes to complete then the weight is too HEAVY – This should take LESS than 2 minutes, any longer then we’re losing the INTENSITY aspect of the workout. After your 1st round sure enough the CONSISTENCY of the reps will deteriorate causing you to finish well over the time stated which has now changed the objective of the WOD or will lead to injury through poor MOVEMENT.

Use the beauty of CrossFit. Don’t be afraid to scale but also don’t rely on it – strive for constant progression in every workout you do, this can be going heavier, aiming to finish more rounds in an “amrap”, finishing faster “for time”, maintaining sound technique throughout a lift or beating your friend in a WOD.

Listen to your coaches, do daily mobility and eat your vegetables!

Coach Sam @buleabroad