Coach Ross Jaax and some members of CrossFit 6221 braved Tough Mudder 2016 in Bali. Below he shares his thoughts on how CrossFit prepared him and the team for the event, and how important team spirit was.


CrossFit 6221 are Tough Mudders Too!

CrossFit training strives to improve your general fitness. A high level of fitness makes you prepared for the unknown and the unknowable, which can be a lot of fun as a group of CrossFit 6221 athletes found at Asia’s First Tough Mudder competition in Bali on October. Tough Mudder is world famous brand of Obstacle Course Competition that features—yes, mud, lots of mud—and obstacles, some that are similar to military obstacle courses (walls, belly crawls, fireman’s carry) and some to simply cause pain and literally shocks.

The team members (Joyce, Irni, Ross, Devin, Ron  and Algi) demonstrated good endurance and overall stamina by traversing 13km course near Jimbaran, Bali in around 2h45m. We confronted the unknowable on nearly every twist, turn, and ravine on rugged race course. We also overcame the unknown as confronted obstacles, some of which we had seen for the first time. Strength was put the test as we had to pull ourselves and others over 4m high walls, run up 9m high barricades, and negotiate spinning cubes in pools of water. Speed and jumping explosiveness was needed to propel us the famous “Everest” obstacle, and through the 10,000volt Electric Shock Therapy obstacles. Or biggest obstacle was keeping our shoes from falling apart. The best aspect of the whole experience was collaboration and teamwork of the 6221 members and between all the Tough Mudder competitors in general. The 6221 group was able to overcome all obstacles on our own, and still have plenty of energy left over the help other. It’s great to be fit, but I wish some of us had brought a better pair of shoes.


By Coach Ross Jaax