By: Sam Grudgings

I hear people mumbling this everyday. It requires action, energy, movement and consistency.
It’s a hard thing to say to the right person. But if you mean what you say then let’s get started.

These are the things to start thinking about:

  • Time
  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition  
  • Advice/Help

So let’s break these down…

Reserve 3 days, 1 hour per day each week. You need this 1 hour window to focus on your fitness. No mobile phones, no meetings, NO INTERRUPTIONS.

TIP: Tell your peers about your fitness journey and ask for support. Reputable surveys say, morning time (before work) is the best time of day to exercise, but do whatever floats your boat!



Set a specific measurable goal for short term (1 month) and long term (6 months).

Your goals will vary as you start to get fitter but make sure you tick them off 1 by 1. Too many goals will require too much expectation. Keep it simple, stupid!

“I am going to run X amount of kilometers without stopping”
“I am going to lose Y lbs of fat”
“I am going to deadlift Z kgs of weight”

These goals are all measurable by either kilometers, pounds or kilograms. You’re next step would be to put a time frame on them, then act!

TIP: Saying ‘I am going to’ rather than ‘I want to’ will shut your negative brain up.

(“I am going to lose 10 LBs of fat in 10 weeks by losing 1 LB of fat per week”.)

Why do want to get fit?

Are you single as a pringle and ready to mingle?

Have you got kids you can’t keep up with?

Are you afraid you’re going to die an early death if you don’t do exercise?

Whatever your motivation is make sure you use it. Set a fitness alarm on the times you’re going to workout and headline it with your motivation. Once you start seeing how fitness is changing your life and body please don’t be shy… Flaunt it!

SMALL changes can make a big difference. Just because you’re making a lifestyle change it doesn’t mean you need to eat carrots for the rest of your life. Be smart. Eat for fuel, you now know the times you’ll be exercising so plan your meals around your new fitness lifestyle. This will allow you to prepare your food for pre and post exercise, rather than scoffing a big meal before a workout and throwing it up mid warm up! If you exercise in the AM and have limited time from waking up have a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts this will give you a natural energy boost!! (Not 2 handfuls… don’t be greedy). Also increase your protein intake. This will help your muscles to recover and keep you from snacking your face off during the day.

TIP: Drink more water throughout the day. Take regular sips and don’t drown yourself by skulling the whole bottle.This will help your muscles to recover and flush out your kidneys from all the unwanted protein!

That muscle bound, confident, friendly guy you spoken to as you walked into your local gym wasn’t born like that. He has tried and tested different fitness methods for people like you. Now he’s a rumbling stomach of information ready to vomit it all over the next person who walks through the door… It’s your lucky day, don’t cover your face!

Take in the information and use it, those guys and girls may look for show but I assure you they’re not. It is their goal to take people like you and provide help in every way possible within their power. Don’t resist the temptation to ask.

TIP: If you’re a newbie invest in 2-3 months of personal coaching to help you on your way. Use this as a fitness education course, learn from your trainer. Be sure to ask around for a trainer that suits you. (It isn’t always the busty chick in the hot pants!)


“The best time to start is now”… Oh great.

Now if you’re reading this with an intriguing smile whilst nodding your head. Thinking to yourself, when shall I start? I want to get fit then “the best time to start is now” (as much as this sentence gets thrown around it is still true) I don’t want you to leap out of your chair and smash out 50 air squats! Change your mindset, plan to exercise within the next 24 hours. You’ll feel better for it and it will give you something to look forward to, you might even get that nervous feeling as if you’re starting your first day at work…. Enjoy it!