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Arghh… I’m so stiff and not in the good way

By: Sam Grudgings You wake up, you exercise, you go to work, you sleep… repeat. Does this sound like your daily life? Maybe yes with a few tweaks. So how do you recover from trying to be a CrossFit badass?     Zzzzzzzz…. Studies have proven that 7-9 Hours of sleep per night is crucial […]

Why CrossFitters Need Yoga

We’ve said this before, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce this again. Some of the best CrossFitters do yoga to help with their mobility and flexibility. Remember, CrossFit has 10 areas of fitness, flexibility and balance are just as important as strength and power. Simply put, yoga does your body good. When we talk about mobility […]

Stay Hydrated - Crossfit 6221

Drink Water – Plenty of It!

We are always reminding our members to drink lots of water and to stay hydrated. A lot of the time members will remember to drink water after a workout, because they physically feel thirsty, however, the key is to continuously drink water throughout the day.Regardless if your goal is to gain muscle mass or loose […]