By Sam Grudgings


Nutrition is or should be a big part of your lifestyle. When you exercise, work and move you require energy. You get this energy from consuming food and drink… Duuuhhhhh!

But what..? and when? and how… and where??!!!

The big cheese, Coach Greg Glassman described healthy eating in 100 words:
“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports. ” ~Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)
(Well he gives you a 26 word sentence… I will elaborate)
So let’s give you a basic guideline

Rise and shine!
Break your fast so your body understands you mean business.
Think of a breakfast bowl:

30% should consist of Carbs

20% Vegetables/fruits

30% Protein

20% Fats

Of this meal refined sugar should be kept to a minimum. If not you’ll get the ‘sugar slumps’ at 11am and be on the hunt for anything sweet to perk you back up! Sticking to the percentages will fire your metabolic rate up and get you ready to tackle the challenges the day has in store for you.

Check out these 34 simple but tasty breakfast options:
*If you’re a bit crazy and you like to workout at this ungodly hour then make sure you eat before and after exercise! Observations and research has shown that participating in intense physical activity on an empty stomach can lead to vomiting, dizziness, a lack of consciousness and increased rate of fatigue. So get yourself some boiled egg sandwiches di bungkus!

Clock watch O’clock. Yes it’s lunchtime!
Hit those food stalls, but keep these guidelines in mind:
Eat light, stay light.

If you stuff your face at lunch with heavy food and drink you will then feel like a dead weight throughout the rest of the day and your drive to do anything but sleep will be ZILCH!

Try keeping your lunch colourful with fruits and veggies. Free of heavy carbs. Fish and tofu are a great protein source for lunch as they’re light and easily digestible…. Your colleagues will thank you for it!
Ratio recommendation for lunch would be:
30% Vegetables, fruits
20% Carbs
40% Protein to keep you fuller for longer
10% Fats. Keep these healthy through nuts, seeds, avocado, fish!

*Still feeling peckish after lunch? Down a few glasses of cold water. This has been proven to supres your appetite and keep you free of binge eating.



Dinner is served!
What’s on your plate? A little something like this… HUH?
50% Vegetables
30% Protein
10% Fats. Keep it healthy, throw a little olive oil on that salad!
10% Carbs (You’re only going to sleep after dinner, it’s not like you’re going to use them… Are you?)
*When exercising in the evening be sure to pack a boost of energy in your lunchbox (a banana, breakfast bar, chia seed pudding, something not too rich and fancy) Consume this no closer than 45 minutes before exercise. You need this for the extra push!

Throughout the day
Consume at least 2.5 litres of water, 3.5 if you’re a gym nut. Don’t be a camel, take regular sips!
Keep your snacks light (fruit, rice-cakes, nuts, yoghurt, carrots, cucumber, celery, all the good stuff!)
Try and eat a little something every 2-3 hours this will keep your metabolic rate ALIVE!
Breathe deep.
Stretch regularly.
Sharing is caring. Tell your colleagues/friends how to be healthy like you.
Eat right. Not less. Your digestive system will thank you for it! ?
I hope this article helps you. Nutrition is the hardest thing about exercise. It isn’t a ‘diet’ it’s a change in your lifestyle. A lot of our lives revolve around food, whether it’s having meetings at restaurants/cafes or sitting down with your family for breakfast/supper or meeting those long lost relatives who you really don’t like but you have to cook something nice for them. Make your healthy lifestyle work for you use it to get the most out of your day and be as productive as possible either in the office, gym and at home!
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Coach Sam