CrossFit since:
Training Goals:

Compete for a medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Personal Best:
  • 2011 University Games China – Gold Medal
  • 2011 Jakarta Palembang South East Asian Games – Silver
  • 2012 London Olympic Games
  • 2013 Islamic Solidarity Games Gold Medal
  • 2013 Naypyidaw South East Asian Games – Gold Medal
  • Sea Games Myanmar – Gold Medal
  • 2016 PON Jabar – Gold Medal
  • 2016 Brazil Olympic Games
  • 2017 Kuala Lumpur South East Asian Games – Gold medal

Coach’s Story

My journey of weightlifting started when I was in high school for bodybuilding and aesthetic purposes. Over time, weightlifting became a hobby that I was pretty good at and the goal has changed from being a mere hobby to being able carry the national flag to international stages. I started coaching private Olympic Weightlifting lessons at Crossfit 6221 to popularize the art of the sport and expand the weightlifting community. My experience from coaching at Crossfit 6221 earned me a second family I never had. I have never thought that weightlifting and family can be coincided but it did. The people from this box are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and they gave me the support that keeps me going.