Mahendra Arditirta

Gender:Attack Helicopter
CrossFit since:2016
Training Goals:

Stronger than Saitama without losing hair

Personal Best:Got a cute girlfriend

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Gymnastics

Coach’s Story

I started CrossFit as my 2016 new year resolution. I was skeptical about joining CrossFit because the movements seemed rather unorthodox i.e. Kipping movements wtf are those?! And i thought to myself how was this supposed to make me stronger? Yeah nah.. Luckily it didn’t stop there.

It was my workout partner that first got into CrossFit and introduced it to me. In the end it took me more than 2 years to finally try it. I was curious to try CrossFit because the workout partner I mentioned had tremendous improvements (power, endurance, speed, etc. just to name a few) every time we met and did workouts together. The Chinese term is ”kiasu”, I didn’t want to lose. I had to try CrossFit.

3 months into training, I was encouraged to join the Crossfit Open 2016, and that was what that got me really hooked in. The level of intensity and competitiveness are highly addictive. After a year of training CrossFit, it then became apparent that CrossFit was my getaway, because in the short time that I trained, I can focus my mind completely without worrying about anything else. In this short time my time is only for myself. CrossFit Open has always been a key indicator for me to benchmark my own improvements and measure myself among other athletes around the globe.

In 2019, the Crossfit Games HQ changed the rulebook and it gave me a chance to earn the title as Indonesia’s first Crossfit National Champion from winning the Crossfit Open. Winning the title entitled me to compete in the Reebok Crossfit Games battling the unknown with the fittest people on earth, located in Madison Wisconsin, USA. It was such an amazing and life changing experience. Honestly, I don’t know if I am the fittest guy in Indonesia #inTheOpen, never really in my head I had expected to be top in my country as there are so many amazing athletes that never fail to humble me. However, this couldn’t have happened without the support of my Crossfit 6221 family and crew. So shoutout to them for always shouting at me.

Since April 2017, I have also started coaching other people at CrossFit 6221, usually once a week on Thursday nights. I intend to use this outlet to grow as a person and also help others achieve their fitness goals. I have never really been a helpful or supportive person, but being a coach at CrossFit has made me realise the joy in helping others?