Nadira Diva

CrossFit since:2017
Training Goals:

Just be fit and healthy AF

Personal Best:

Coach’s Story

“If I could describe myself in one word, it would be: HUNGRY.

Hungry to succeed, hungry to improve myself, hungry to help & inspire others…,

and also just plain hungry :)”

Since I was a kid, I always want to help people. I even had a dream to be a police woman, or a doctor. But who knows that if you want to start helping others, you need to start from yourself first. As a coach, I need to be an example of what healthy living means; eating good nutritious food, exercising 3-4 times per week, getting quality sleep as much as you can and less stress! And I know, if I can do it consistently for this past 5 years, theres no doubt others cant do it too! Every person has his or her own potential and it’s my job as a coach to unleashed the power inside them 🙂