Ross Jaax

CrossFit since:May 2013
Training Goals:

Accomplish all the main movements for the CrossFit Games, and to be as strong, and as fast, and as fit as I can possibly be to handle whatever challenges and opportunities present themselves to me.

Personal Best:

DL: 170kg, Backsquat: 130kg, 5KM Run 20:30, Jackie 9:51

  • L1 Trainer Certificate

Coach’s Story

I’m Ross Jaax, I have a L1 Certificate, I’ve been participating regularly in CF for two years. I started because I was looking for a new fitness regime that would be fun, challenging, and that would help me achieve my fitness goals of being as strong, as fast, and as athletic as I could possibly be.

The main mistake CF athletes make is to be too aggressive in taking on the program and try to progress too fast. This happens to newbies, and even experienced athletes do the same. My advice is to listen to the coach, choose weights and movements that you feel can be done with a high degree of technical competence, and great things will come from that base.

I did competitive sports most of my life, and CF is very much like a sport to me. The athletes practice together, we receive coaching, there is competition with other athletes and other boxes. It’s all friendly and in the interest of self-improvement, but it feels like a sport. But, it is also more than a sport because fitness is a way of life that everything impacts upon–from diet, to sleep, to the company you keep. In that regard, CF’s begin to pay a lot more attention to all those factors and that is what makes it something of a new lifestyle.

The biggest misconception is that CF is too demanding or too difficult or requires too much athletic ability for any person. CF can be scaled back or even made more demanding any match any person’s ability. And all are welcome to be part of the CF community. All that is required is to show up for a session, and fitness will happen.