Taufan Tjandra

CrossFit since:2016
Training Goals:

Get stronger, maintain a healthy lifestyle, always be fit

Personal Best:Deadlift 1RM 150kg Back squat 130kg Clean & Jerk 80kg

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Coach’s Story

Ever since I was a kid, I liked to do physical activities, and any type of sports. At one point I even enrolled myself into a tennis course. My physical stature is on the smaller side, so I knew I would need to work on getting stronger. There was  a gym at my office, and thats where I first tried workouts mixing in elements of static cardio, weightlifting, cardio classes and yoga. But after a few years, I get bored of it. Until I got introduced to CrossFit in 2015 by my girlfriend. 

Before really trying CrossFit, I did some research on CrossFit, and finally one day, my girlfriend and I took the trial at a box near her house. I enjoyed it and then went on to do the fundamentals classes.

After that, we got married and moved to live together and by then I had joined CrossFit 6221. Ever since I joined, I feel like this sport is the one I have always wanted to do, because whenever I go to the box, happiness is all I find. There is no boring routine anymore, the community is fun.

Top things I love about CrossFit, our box and why I am still here:

  1. At the box we work out together and bonded through sweat and tears
  2. We cheer for others
  3. Others are there cheering me on
  4. The coaches are great
  5. The workouts make you feel energized
  6. A community for all: in our box you can find people at all ages, from beginners to advanced.


There is no distance between the members, the advanced guys will support you and will help you get stronger. This made me realize that I also want to help others more. I decided that in order to do this effectively, I should start by educating myself, which led me to take the L1 course and start my internship with CrossFit 6221.

Since coaching, I feel like have increased my knowledge in movements, and I am able to give advice to newer members on what is good form to prevent them from injuries. And with this growing knowledge, it has confirmed that this CrossFit is a sport I have fallen in love with.

And believe me, I’m getting older, but I’m not getting weaker