Thomas Oentoro

CrossFit since:2012
Training Goals:

Strength & Endurance

Personal Best:Deadlift 140 kg
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Course
  • Singapore Weightlifting Federation Certificate

Coach’s Story

I began Crossfit about a year ago. While I have done other fitness program, I found Crossfit to be the most effective fitness regime that I have come across. Since starting Crossfit, I have lost 17kg and trimmed my waist size from a 35 to a 30.  At 43, I have never felt healthier, fitter and stronger. Despite my torn ACL and meniscus, I have set a new personal record shedding 10 minutes off in a 10km run.

I am a CrossFit L2 and Olympic Lifting Certified Trainer.

With my experience, I would really love to help others achieve their weight and fitness goals.

Here’s my Top Ten List for why I love CrossFit.

10.     It will improve everyone’s fitness regardless age as long as you’re still breathing.
9.      Everything is scalable. If you can’t do a 100kg deadlift, you can start with a 1kg grocery bag. Content to be paid by you.
8.      The people at CrossFit are very cheerful. They will scream, yell and grunt for your entertainment value, but also at you. Don’t be offended.
7.      You will get to see more skin and shades of six packs than being in a regular gym. Maybe four. Most guys will take off their shirts during workout. This is frowned upon in regular gym.
6.      Your sweat will become your best friend. So is your friend’s.
5.      You will never again not finish what you start and once you have started. DNF is not an option.
4.      It will boost your confidence as well as your ability to lift that carry-on to the overhead compartment in a flight without the help of the slender aircrew in skirts.
3.      You will lose weight. So start saving for your new wardrobe
2.      You will have more stamina to do anything including ah hmm.
1.      If you’re not religious, you will become one. Not a bad thing.