CrossFit for Charity 2018 – Scream If You Want To Go Faster


For Time (14 minute time cap)

30 Synchronized Plate Thrusters

30 Synchronized Burpees Over Plate

20 Synchronized Plate Thrusters

20 Synchronized Burpees Over Plate

10 Synchronized Plate Thrusters

10 Synchronized Burpees Over Plate



From your team of 10, nominate five (5) athletes per team

– Minimum two (2) females

– The event begins with all athletes standing in a line at the starting point.

– On the word GO! Five (5) athletes will run to the working area.

– In the working area, all five (5) athletes will stand in a line and perform 30 synchronized plate thrusters, 30 synchronised plate burpees, then 20 of each movement, then 10.

– When the team has completed the last 10 synchronized burpees over plate, all five (5) athletes must return back to starting point to call time.

– Score will be the time when the last athletes passes the starting/finishing line.

– If the team fails the event within the time cap, the score will be capped at the time cap plus 1 second penalty for each rep not completed.

Weight plates: 1 x 20kg, 1 x 15kg, 2 x 10kg, 1 x 5kg.

– Plate are permitted to be shared amongst athletes, ie, one athlete is not required to complete all repetitions with the same weight. However, rotation may only be between the nominated 5 athletes for this event.


– Synchronized: All athletes must be in the synchronised position, and facing the same direction – these points are outlined below.

Movement Standards


Rep count

– Starting at bottom position: Plate held in front of chest, body in squat position.

*Squat position, hip crease below parallel.

Synchronised finishing at top position: Plate overhead, elbows, hips, knees locked out.


Burpees Over Plate

Rep count

Synchronised starting at bottom position: Chest on touching the ground.

– Up to standing position, and both feet jumping over the plate.

– Finishing at top position: Both feet over the plate.

– Stepping over plate is permitted