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Getting Your Doubles Unders (DUBS)
Walking out of the gym with tiger stripes on your arms?
Kicking a dumbbell every time you trip on the cheese wire?
Feast your eyes on the following tips to help you hopping over the rope in no time!

  • STANCEStand up tall with your shoulders back and down. Your body now should be perfectly aligned!


  • AIR SKIPS: Now start air skipping (NO ROPE). Keep your knees soft and jump from heel to toe. There is no extra bend in your knees, they stay soft all the way through. As soon as your feet take off from the floor flick your wrists down. This will perfect your timing of whipping the rope under your feet. Do this for 1 minute or until you get expert timing!TIP: Jump on the same spot – don’t move around, draw a shape on the floor and stay on the shape!


  • GRIP OF THE HANDLES: Make sure the palms of your hands are facing forward, now take a light grasp of the handles (just enough pressure in your grip so the handles aren’t flying out of your hands when you begin to skip!)


  • SINGLES: Now use the same timing of your jump as we did with air skipping and apply it to your single skips. Aim to hit 30 singles in one go – then…Perform 30 singles at double the height of your normal jump this will result in a slower skip.After your 30 high singles perform 30 fast singles only using your wrists to whip the rope under your feet!


  • DO THE DOUBLE: – Jump high spin fast, see what it’s like to do 1 double under!
    Once you’ve had the feel of one double under now it’s time to string them together!
    Use this sequence:

    • 5 singles 1 double* 5 singles 1 double repeat for 1 minute.
    • 4 singles 1 double 4 singles 1 double repeat for 1 minute.

(When doing this keep the height and speed of your jump consistently, then when performing a DU spin your wrists faster!)
Keep decreasing the singles until you can get 1 single 1 double then attempt  your max effort double unders!!
SO now you’re chaining double unders and looking like a pro!?

Awesome… Attempt Max Effort double unders in 3 minutes! This is a basic measure in which you can keep testing once per month to see how you’ve improved!

By: Coach Sam Grudgings


CF: Monday 23rd July 2018

Warm Up
Mobilize wrists/ankles and wrists

3 rounds
1 lap run
1 length burpee broad jumps
20 walking lunges

Clean drops focusing on pulling yourself underneath the bar
Clean 1RM

Build to 80% then 1-1-1-1

13 minute AMRAP
30/20 cal row*
20 DB snatch 22.5/15
10 Box jumps 30/24


AB: 20/12 SCHWINN: 30/20


MR: Thursday, 19th July 2018

Warm Up
2 Lap Run then
3 Rounds
10 Cossack Squat
5 Inchworm to Cobra
30s Plank
Pistol Squats
EMOM 10 mins
3 Power Snatch
Increase weight incrementally each round with good technique
5 x 2 minutes AMRAP
3 DB Manmaker
ME DB Walking Lunges
Rest 60 seconds in between set