Hey guys! We just turned 4!!! — Whoa! Where did all the time go?! We turned the box to a public event and we want to thank everyone who came to work out and celebrated with us.

Started warming up and creating the longest ever knee holds we’ve ever seen!

Partner legless burpees!

The anniversary workout was led by Coach Sam & Diva with mini challenges in between. Big thanks to YouC1000 who have supported us in this event and giving out prizes!

Look at that cake in the middle – that was madly featured in everyone’s Instagram! Happy Birthday to our old man, Tom (@opa_tom)! 🏋️‍♂️🌬🎂Also, shoutout to all the other 6221 September Babies: Marissa, John, Steph, Flo, Eric, Colin, Ashwin, Dick, Ed, Janice, Eve, Anthony, Tim, Bryan, Riri, Willy, Sari, Dita, Andrew, Olivia, Patrick, Atiyah, Ricky, Carin, Hayley, Treasuri & Raymond!!!

Its been such a great year and these are our achievements in 2019 so far:

1. Expansion of workout space

2. New Cafe & lounge area

3. Many new toys and our fabulous Rogue Equipments

4. New coaches and staff

5. Rebranding – Introducing a new logo, website and brochures

6. Announced a National Champion, Coach Mahe from the box and sending him to the Crossfit Games

7. Welcoming our new Medical partner,  Royal Sports Performance Centre (RSPC)

8. Taking parts in various events outside of all our events

We want to thank all our shareholders, coaches, staff and members who have made the box what it is today. We believe we have one of the best community and it is because of our members that keeps us lingering for more. After all, we stand by our tagline as referred by people to be the friendliest box in Jakarta. Coming forward, we hope to serve you better in fitness and wellness, so stick around! 😉