Tips of The Week

Getting Your Doubles Unders (DUBS)

Getting Your Doubles Unders (DUBS) Walking out of the gym with tiger stripes on your arms? Kicking a dumbbell every time you trip on the cheese wire? Feast your eyes on the following tips to help you hopping over the rope in no time! STANCE: Stand up tall with your shoulders back and down. Your body […]

Tips for The Power Clean

The Power Clean is an olympic lifting movement where the barbell is lifted from the floor then caught in the rack position in one smooth movement. So grab yourself a barbell or use your imagination… Let’s begin. Set up – Approach the barbell with your feet hip width apart, shins touching the bar and your […]

Front Squats

A front squat differs from a back squat as the load is now on the anterior (front) side of the body rather than the posterior (back). With this change in load position we now need to recruit a lot more strength and stability from the anterior side of the body. We do not neglect the […]

The Hand Stand Push Up (HSPU)

Perform this gymnastic exercise in a globo gym and you’ll get some funny looks, but do it in a CrossFit box and you’ve just become everyone’s idol! HSPU (Handstand push up) Kick up to the wall, then bend your elbows, then push with everything you’ve got to get back to full extension in your arms … Simple […]

Banded Stretch for Front Squats & Cleans

Use this stretch next time you have front squats, presses, cleans and snatches. It is one of the best stretches for loosening up your Lats, triceps, chest and shoulders. Try this: Hold for 30s Resist for 15s x2 each side (On your second hold you’ll be able to get your hand further down your spine) […]

The Conventional Deadlift

You’ve all done it but have you done it correctly? Follow these simple steps to be a Deadlift pro on your next visit to the bar! 1. STANCE Stand up to the bar so your shins are literally touching the bar. As you look down the joints of your lower body should be all aligned […]

Training Tips to Improve your Clean Technique

We all love cleaning, it’s one of the iconic CrossFit lifts that showcases the body working together after relentless strength training of many muscle groups. Not only does it display strength, there is balance, agility, speed and coordination involved. In order to be cleaning well though, you must remember that you should be: squat two-three times […]

Squats – Bracing and Setup Technique

How to Squat Properly: Bracing and Setup Technique The right breathing, bracing setup, and technique throughout the movement will help you stay tight and lift BIG in the squat. THE SQUAT: BASIC MISTAKES For the most part people are far better off than they were 10 years ago, if you ask someone to squat they’ll […]

7 Tips to Pull Ups

Coach, I Can’t Do Pull-Ups. 7 Tips to Get You There Pull-ups are a basic movement in CrossFit, yet in and of themselves they are an intermediate gymnastic movement. Starting out pulling your bodyweight can seem like an insurmountable task. Here we will learn where to begin and which alternatives are worth your time. Here […]

The Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Turkish Get Ups aka TGU  The Turkish Get Up is a highly dynamic and complex movement that encapsulates a series of movements where you go from lying down to standing up with a kettlebell or dumbbell without crushing your face. Why Should We Do These?  The biggest benefit of the TGU is increase shoulder stability. […]