CF: Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Warm Up Mobilize and stretch Shoulders 3 rounds 30 Mountain climbers 15 Alternating leg V-sit 10 Wall Angels Demonstration 5 minutes Demonstration and Flow of the Strict press Strength STRICT PRESS Strict press E2MOM 4×7 reps @ 65% of 1RM *Controlled reps Metcon CF.18.10.23 6 rounds 1 lap run 5 Pull ups (ring rows) 10 […]

CF: Monday 22nd October 2018

Warm Up Stretch Hamstrings/Lower back 4 minutes skipping practice 2 lap run 10 PVC OHS 1 Lengths walking lunge stretch 1 minute Plank Demonstration 5 minutes: Demonstration and flow of deadlifts Strength DEADLIFT Deadlift E2MOM 4×7 reps @ 65% of 1RM *Controlled reps Metcon CF.18.10.22 For time 200 Double unders 100 Wallballs 20/14 50 Burpees […]

HIIT : Monday 22nd October 2018

Warm Up Board Jumps to 1 burpee and crawl back, repeat till you get 4 BURPEES and then 2 laps skip run Metcon HIIT.22.10.18 8 MIN EMOM Odd: 8 Push Up/ Commandos + Max V Ups Even: 8 Crab Toe Touches + MAX Spider Lunge 8 MIN EMOM Odd: 8 Half Burpee to Squat + […]

SS: Sunday 21st September 2018

Metcon SS.18.10.21 90s each station 60s each station 45s each station 30s each station 15s each station *Get faster each round!*CAL ROW Pull ups/Ring rows Box Dips JUMP SQUATS DB PUSH PRESS

SS: Saturday 20th September 2018

Metcon SS.18.10.20 3 rounds for time! 50 Air Squats 40 Sit ups 30 Push ups 20 Burpees 10 Sandbag deadlifts 70/45 2 minute rest AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

CF: Saturday 20th October 2018

Warm Ups Stretch and mobilize 20 Back ward lunges 20 Each leg mountain climbers 20 Squat jumps 20 Ring rows/Pull ups SAQ Teams of 3: 9 minute Shuttle runs Metcon CF.18.10.20 Teams of 4: 4 rounds for time 50 Air squats 30 Burpees 20 Plate GTOH All movements must be in sync!

HIIT : Saturday 20th October

Warm Up Dynamic Warm Up Metcon HIIT.20.10.18 Continuos Grind’ 2-3 ppl each team 6 Stations, 8 rounds, 2 Movements, 25sec ON, 15 sec REST 1st Station: Wall Ball Donkey Hops Over D Ball 2nd Bunny Hops Max Effort Row 3rd Hollow Hold Burped Battle Rope 4th Row Lunges Elbow Plank KB Taps 5th Slam Ball […]

HIIT : Friday 19th October 2018

Warm Up Dynamic Warm Up Metcon HIIT.19.10.18 Grab a sand ball! 30 sec ON 10 sec OFF Repeat 5 rounds Slam Ball Lunges Burpees and Throw Lying to Stand up Halos to Squat Hollow to Russian Twist In In Out Out Plank

CF: Friday 19th October 2018

Warm Up Mobilize front rack position 3 rounds 5 inchworm to push up 10 PVC OHS 20 Alternating leg V-sit Skill Spend 5 minutes going through skill with PVC pipe. Focus on dipping and driving in a vertical line Extend the legs THEN arms Strength PUSH PRESS Push press @ 60% E90s 10 reps x […]

SS: Thursday 18th October 2018

Metcon SS.18.10.17 In Partners 3 rounds for time: 60/50 Cal bike/Row 50 Box jumps to step down 40 DB Push press 22.5/15 30 DB over Box 22.5/15 20 TTB