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"At 6221, it's casual, friendly, disciplined with knowledgeable professional input and framework. Communication is excellent. Can't stop! Need to keep going!" - Erwin Bryan Utchanah

"CrossFit 6221 pushes me to my limits and this is the fittest I've ever been in my adult life. It's improved my fitness not only in CrossFit but also in golf, running and triathlons as well as other sports. Great community to train with to give it my all!" - Chris Shang

"CrossFit 6221 believes in the true philosophy of CrossFit. Athletes get trained in many different areas of fitness starting from the typical high intensity workout, running, to power lifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics. Coaches pay close attention to forms and athlete's progressions so as to minimize the risk of injuries. Clean and tidy box, and most importantly, great community!" - Hendra Gunawan

"Great Box to drop into if your visiting or on business. Well kept with excellent equipment and space. Sam was very friendly and a great coach. You have to get a shirt as well! Top Notch all the way!" - Rich Scoza

"A box is just a box without its great coaches and its supportive members. This one is the box that has both." - Michael D. Sudarto