CrossFit for Charity 2018 – Last Man Standing


For Time (9 minute time cap)

Save all members from the RESCUE zone to the SAFE zone



– From your team of 10, nominate six (6) athletes per team.

– Minimum two (2) females on each team.

– In this event, five (5) athletes will be working. The last team member will only need to be rescued.

– All six (6) team members start in the RESCUE zone.

– On the word GO! One (1) athlete runs to SAFE zone, they are now deemed “saved”, then runs back to rescue 1 team member and delivers them to SAFE area.

– To rescue a team member, the saved athlete, must carry or drag the team member being rescued all the way to the SAFE zone.

– Then, the two (2) saved athletes run to rescue another team member and deliver them to safe area.

– Continue in the same format, three (3) athletes run back to save one (1), then four (4) athletes run back to save one (1), then five (5) athletes run back to save the last team member.

– You may use any number of the “saved” athletes to rescue the remaining team members over.

– ALL saved athletes must run back to the RESCUE zone each time a team member is being saved, and then go back to the SAFE zone before the next team member can be rescued.

– Only one team member may be carried or dragged to the SAFE zone at a time.

– Timer stops when all six (6) athletes are in the SAFE zone.  


Movement Standards

– The team member may be carried or dragged in any way, and by ANY number of saved team members.

– Team member being saved MUST not move themselves at any point! If this happens they will be moved back to the RESCUE zone to be re-saved.