CrossFit for Charity 2018 – You’re Pulling My Leg


For time (15 minute time cap)

Start line:
5m Bear Crawl

30 Static Lunges


5m Bear Crawl

40 Single arm Dumbbell Ground To Overhead (15kg/10kg)


5m Bear Crawl

30 Calorie on Schwinn Bike


5m Bear crawl

Finish Line



From your team of 10, nominate five (5) athletes per team.

– Minimum two (2) females on each team

– The event begins with all athletes standing at the start line. One (1) athlete will be positioned to start, others behind

– On the word GO! The first athlete will Bear Crawl to the first station – Static Lunges.

– The first athlete must complete the movement for the first station. Once completed then athlete A can proceed to the second station.

– At the signal of the judge, athlete B may start the 5m Bear crawl to the first station. This is only when the athlete A in front of them has completed the movement at the station directly in front of them. ie all movements must be done in prescribed order.

– Each station may only have one (1) athlete working. If athlete B has completed the required work before athlete A has completed their station, athlete B cannot proceed to Bear Crawl forward. They must wait until the next station is unoccupied before moving ahead.

– Once an athlete completes all four (4) stations they must Bear Crawl 5m to the finish line.

– The last athlete to cross the finish line will mark the time for the team.


Movement Standards

Static Lunge

Rep count

Starting at a standing position: Athlete must be standing with feet together, legs straight and locked out.

– Lunge: Step forward with either foot, and bend front knee into lunge position. Simultaneously, knee of the back leg must bend and touch the ground.

– Finishing at top position: Bring both legs back together, standing legs straight and locked out.


Single arm Dumbbell Ground to Overhead

Rep count

– Starting with 1 hand on the DB. The other hand must not be touching any part of the lower-body.

– Snatch OR clean and shoulder to overhead is allowed, the rep must finish with both legs locked out and the working arm locked out above the head.

– Both heads of the dumbbell must touch the floor in the bottom position.

– Reps may be alternated in any order.

– The dumbbell may change hands as soon as the rep is finished in the locked out position.


Bear Crawl

Rep Count

– Every 5m is counted as one rep

– Must walk on hand and feet, but only hands and feet are allowed to touch the floor throughout this movement.

– If the any other part of the athlete’s body touches the floor, they must go back to the start  / previous 5m line.