For Time (20 minute time cap)

Centipede run
50 Plate ground to over head (GTOH)
40 Burpee Jump to Plate
30 Team Situp

– Five (5) athletes per team, minimum two (2) females on each team
– Minimum two (2) females
– The event begins with all athletes standing in a line at the starting point.
– On the word GO! 5 athletes forming the centipede will race to the work area.
– In the work area, all five (5) athletes will stand in a line and perform 50 synchronized Plate GTOH, 40 synchronized Burpee jump to plate, 30 synchronized team sit-ups (in that order)
– When the team has completed the 30 synchronized sit-ups, all five (5) athletes must return back to starting point.
– Score will be the time when the last athletes passes the starting/finishing line.
– If the team fails the event within the time cap, the score will be capped at the time cap plus 1 second penalty for each rep not completed.
– Synchronized: All athletes must be in the starting position together and in the finishing position together – if not they must wait until everyone is.
– Weight plates: 1 x 20kg, 1 x 15kg, 1 x 10kg, 1 x 5kg, 1 x 15lbs
– Plate are permitted to be shared amongst athletes, ie, one athlete is not required to complete all 50 repetitions with the same weight. However, rotation may only be between nominated athletes for this event.


Movement Standards
Ground To Over Head
Rep count
Starting at bottom position: One point of the plate must be touching the ground
– Finishing at top position: Plate overhead, elbows, hips, knees locked out.

Burpee Plate Jump
Rep count
Starting at bottom position: Chest on touching the ground
– Finishing at top position: Both feet on plate

Rep count
Five (5) athletes must be in one line
 – Athletes must have both soles of feet must be touching with tips of the shoes touching the edge of the plate,
– Starting at bottom position: Athlete must have both hands touching the floor behind their shoulders.
– Finishing at top position: At sit up position both hands must touch the plate.