For time (15 minute time cap)

20 Calorie Row
20 Hand Release Push Ups
20 Calorie Air Bike
20 Box Overs

– Five (5) athletes per team, minimum two (2) females on each team
– Minimum two (2) females
– The event begins with all athletes standing in a line at the starting point. One (1) athlete will be positioned to start, others behind
– On the word GO! The first athlete will run to the rower to complete the required work required at the first station before moving on to the next station. You may only proceed ahead to the next movement at the signal of your judge indicating you have completed the required work.
– The next athlete may start once the athlete has completed the movement at the station directly in front of them.  ie all movements must be done in prescribed order.
– Each station may only have one (1) athlete working. If athlete B has completed the required work before athlete A has completed their station, athlete B cannot proceed forward. They must wait until the station in unoccupied before moving ahead.
– Once an athlete completes all four (4) movement stations they must run to the finish line.
– The last athlete to cross the finish line will mark the time for the team.


Movement Standards
Hand Release Push Ups
Rep count
Starting at bottom position: Chest must clearly touch ground and both palms lifted off the ground together
– Finishing at top position: Elbows locked out and body in plank position, with legs straight (knees locked out), glutes parallel with shoulders.

Box Overs
Rep count
– 24 inch height box for all athletes
– Starting position with both feet on one side of the box
– Jump on top or step up onto the top the box and jump down or step down to the other side of the box. Both feet must contact the top of the box.
– Hands may not touch any part of the legs or the box.
– Finishing position with both feet on opposite side of the box