CrossFit is about training using functional movements to achieve general physical preparedness (GPP). This means in training CrossFit we should be training in all different modals, which includes SWIMMING!

Though we do not spend as much time in the pool as in the box lifting weights or doing an intense workout, we decided to put our GPP to the test. The team of 16 representing CrossFit 6221 put in their best effort on the day and presented some great results.

Standout swims by:

  • Jeth Soetoyo (1st, Men 25-29 25m Freestyle)
  • Malcolm Sumantri (2nd, Men 30-34 25m Freestyle / 3rd, Men 30-34 50m Freestyle)
  • Hendra Gunawan (3rd, Men 30-34 25m Freestyle / 3rd, Men 30-34 25m Butterfly / 4th, Men 30-34 50m Freestyle)
  • Karina Sumantri (2nd, Women 30-34 25m Freestyle)
  • Grace Hong (4th, Women 30-34 50m Freestyle)
  • Chris Shang (5th, Men 30-34 50m Freestyle).

CrossFit 6221 also gave a warm welcome to APSC swimmers Brent Barnes (current FINA World Record Holder, Men 55-59 50m Freestyle, 25.83s) and Ng Yue Meng (former Olympian, 1988 Seoul Olympics, and SEA Games gold and silver medalist, 1987 and 1989) who gamely joined one of CrossFit 6221’s relay teams.

Our relay teams fared well too – 3rd, Men 4x25m Freestyle relay (Melvyn Pard, Jeremy Hoo, Ng Yue Meng, Brent Barnes), 4th, Men 4x25m Freestyle relay (Malcolm Sumantri, Chris Shang, Hendra Gunawan, Jeth Soetoyo), 3rd, Mixed 4x25m Medley relay (Lolita Dewi, Jennifer Hermawan, Jeremy Hoo, Hendra Gunawan).

Those who came to support and cheer us on were amazing! Thanks for your shouts and screams!

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks go out to Wisnu Wardhana from JAQ Swimming and INA Masters and his team for putting together this fantastic, well-run event. It was a runaway success, and we are looking forward to sending an even bigger team to next year’s event!