Get Started

Step 1: Free Trial

We offer Free Trials for you if you are not sure that CrossFit is right for you OR if you are a seasoned CrossFitter who is looking for a new box and want to see if CrossFit 6221 is the right fit for you.

We welcome you to come and sample a session with us and see if you like it before you join either our Fundamental’s Program or become a regular member.

For first timer’s we want to demonstrate to you that CrossFit can be for anyone, regardless of your fitness or skill level. We will work to your abilities and ‘scale’ movements to ensure you have a effective yet safe workout.

For those who are looking for a new box, join one of our sessions and feel the close support from our close knit community. They will welcome you to our box with open arms and will cheer you on till the very end of every wod. Come be a part of the 6221 family.

Step 2: Sign Up for Beginner’s Package

This is a one month program which includes access to our Max-Rep and Max-Rep & Skills sessions. Our Max Rep & Skills sessions are 1 hour each, and in each session will focus on 1-2 of the 9 basic movements as prescribed by CrossFit as well as other common movements used in CrossFit.

We recommend that our beginners incorporate at least 1 Max-Rep & Skills session into the weekly program.

Step 3: Join our Regular Membership

If you are an experienced CrossFitter and have decided our box is the right fit for you, you can immediately join our regular membership to start wodding with us.

For those who are inexperienced, after you have completed a month of Beginners (participating in Max-Rep and Max-Rep & Skills), you can join our Regular membership and continue to join our Max-Rep classes until you are more confident and our regular CrossFit classes.